Short Story

Wild Tilt is a strategy game about placing bombs and walls around the board in an attempt to slide gems into your hole instead of your opponents’ holes. During my time with Mantis Digital Arts I was asked to create the style, layout, and all art assets for both the physical and digital versions of Wild Tilt.


I was involved in the creation of Wild Tilt from the very beginning, working with the game designer to help test the gameplay and select which printed and gameplay pieces would work best for the game. Very early on we decided on a simple, colorful style with images that could be used in a standalone manner as icons if needed.

Although the physical version of Wild Tilt remains unpublished, I was also asked to create the digital version with the same style and a few additional features. New features included stats, a leaderboard, the ability to play locally or online with others, and spinner to determine the tilt of the board. The digital version is still being built.

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The result is a competitive experience that lets players strategize against each other to become the first to get to 20 points and win the game.