Short Story

To Make a Dollar is an economic game that teaches kids about managing their money, making a profit, and the concept of supply and demand. During my time with Mantis Digital Arts, I was tasked with creating the style, layout, and all art assets for both the physical and digital versions of To Make a Dollar.


I was involved in the creation of To Make a Dollar from the very beginning, working with the game designer to help test the gameplay. What started off as a monthlong calendar was changed to revolve around a weeklong schedule, and the goods were changed from candies to fruit.

To Make a Dollar styles

style options for To Make a Dollar

When the gameplay was finalized I was tasked with gathering inspiration and creating the general style of the game, which was characterized as family-friendly and fun. I created a style that I thought would appeal to families, using bright colors, simple illustrations, and fun typefaces. From there I worked on the layout and helped to select which pieces would keep the gameplay intact while keeping costs down.

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After the physical version of To Make a Dollar was published, I was asked to create the digital version with the same style and a few additional features. New features included stats, a leaderboard, the ability to play locally or online with others, and real-time details about the player’s decisions to buy or sell. The digital version is still being built.

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The result is a family-friendly game that lets each player create their own strategy for making a dollar, teaching economics concepts along the way.