Short Story

During my time at Mantis Digital Arts, we were approached by STEM Fuse to create a suite of more than 30 language-learning games for grades K–4 with a playful style and emphasis on learning in a variety of different ways. I was tasked with the art style and asset creation for these games.


My first task on this project was to gather inspiration and come up with a style that fit well with the K–4th grade levels and fun, playful approach that STEM Fuse wanted. After the style was defined I got to work on the game mechanics, creating some new ideas and using some successful ones we had implemented in the past.

STEM Fuse also requested a few characters that would appear throughout the suite of games, and we decided to move forward on a super frog, complete with cape, and an orange cat.

Once the style and mechanics were defined and the characters finalized it was just a matter of creating a large volume of images. I was careful to use the same color palette throughout the games and create images that could be used from one game to the next, ensuring a cohesive end product and shaving off some time that would’ve been spent illustrating.

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Monkey character design: George Ruiz